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What’s Dermapen microneedling? Everything you ever wanted to know

Dermapen microneedling is an effective, popularand minimally invasive procedure that treats a wide range of skin concerns, not just lines and wrinkles, although it does reduce the signs of ageing too.  

There’s a lot of information and misinformation on the Internet, which makes it hard to separate facts from fiction. We’re going beyond the claims and opinions, to give you the holistic answer to what microneedling is, together with real-life results 

Get set to go more than skin deep as we answer your questions about this multipurpose treatment.  

What is Dermapen Microneedling? 

Dermapen microneedling is a sought-after skin renewal procedure that treats a wide range of conditions.  

Unlike injectable treatments, Dermapen microneedling is an entirely natural process that stimulates the body’s own repair and renewal process to create collagen. Micro-fine needles are adjusted to different depths and speeds to create fractional puncture channels on the surface of the skin. These micro-channels carry your meso-glide (a serum that’s chosen to help correct your specific skin concern) deep into the skin, increasing its effectiveness and delivering healing nutrients. 

The superior absorption of Meso-Glides combined with a natural boost in collagen and elastin results in plumper, younger-looking skin.   

Facial needling with Dermapen helps get rid of unwanted lines and wrinkles and other blemishes, but you can also treat different parts of your body. Hands, neck and décolleté are all popular zones, but you can treat anywhere you feel needs a boost of collagen to repair thinning, sagging, sun-damaged or problematic skin 

There are multiple options available on the market, for both in salons and at-home microneedling. If you’re considering microneedling, make sure to keep reading to understand the differences, as not all products are created equal. Some microneedling devices may do more harm than good.  

When done correctly and in a sterile environment, microneedling can have rapid and impressive results. 

“Last year, we performed over 1300 Dermapen treatments combined with Dp Dermaceuticals as protocols. These treatments have become one of our most popular and effective treatments for acne, anti-ageing and pigmentation.”  

Judy Oats, Addesso Clinic, Townsville, Australia  

The Origins of Therapeutic Needling  

dermapen microneedling timeline

The earliest use of therapeutic skin needling can be traced back thousands of years to ancient China. Fast forward to 1995, and cosmetic needling began its rapid timeline of innovation.  

Australian medical developer and DermapenWorld CEO Stene Marshall introduced Dermapen to the world in 2010. It revolutionised the microneedling market. Dermapen is backed by years of research and prototypes to offer far superior design, comfort, versatility and results. 

Over 3 million Dermapen Treatments have now been performed worldwide. With the DermapenWorld family of products, you are investing in quality and safety for your skin.  

How Does Dermapen Microneedling Work? 

how does microneedling work

The micro-injuries caused by the treatment stimulate the production of collagen as your skin heals. Acne, trauma, pigmentation and a range of other ailments can cause blemishes on your skin. Ageing causes your skin to thin, sag and wrinkle 

Dermapen microneedling simply activates the skin’s natural self-rejuvenating function. A new layer of fresh tissue forms, creating a more youthful appearance on the surface and fighting antibodies underneath. 

These small punctures also allow active ingredients in topical creams to penetrate deeper for intense rejuvenation. 

Is Skin Needling and Dermapen Microneedling the Same? 

Yes, Dermapen microneedling has many different names, which can make it confusing when selecting a treatment.  

Other terms for microneedling include:  

  • Percutaneous Collagen Induction (P.C.I.) 
  • Collagen Induction Therapy (C.I.T.)  
  • Scar Rejuvenation Therapy (S.R.T.), and  
  • Skin needling 

The Major Benefits of Dermapen Microneedling 

Dermapen microneedling device provides effective management for many skin conditions.  

All areas of the body including face, lip area, eye area, ears, neck, chest, hands and scalp can be treated with pinpoint precision. Dermapen mironeedling promotes rapid lifting, firming and toning of facial features and contours. It evens out skin tone and texture and diminishes scars and stretch marks. 

Dermapen microneedling can help reduce the appearance of: 

Multiple concerns can be treated in a single session with Dermapen 4, thanks to the adjustable needle depth and oscillation speed. 

How Long Until I See Results from Dermapen Microneedling? 

Typically, you can expect improvements in the skin’s appearance and texture after just one session. After only 8-12 weeks, you’ll start to notice the lasting and more significant results. Your skin continues to improve for up to 12 months, particularly if you follow the recommended post-treatment care.  

Check out the fantastic results Dermapen microneedling device offers with these incredible transformations. 

Acne and acne scarring 
microneedling results acne

Ageing/sun damage 
microneedling results ageing

microneedling results pigmentation

Problematic skin 
microneedling results visisble pores

microneedling results scars

Stretch marks
microneedling results stretch marks

Dermapen Microneedling vs. Derma Rollers 

Derma rollers and Dermapen microneedling both use fine needles to stimulate the healing response in the skin. 

However, the mechanical action of rollers results in an “arcing cut” penetration, which causes unnecessary pain and tissue destruction. Home rollers are used over and over again. So as well as dragging or tearing your skin, you are also risking cross-contamination. Double ouch!

Instead of rollers, we recommend the Dermapen microneedling devices with changeable needles that enter vertically to create flawless micro-injuries. The benefits include less damage and pain and vastly reduced downtime and risk of contamination.

Learn more about the difference.

Is Dermapen Microneedling Safe? 

Any treatment that draws blood or punctures the skin requires strict infection control to maintain patient and practitioner hygiene and safety. 

Cross-infection can occur when harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria fungi, parasites and viruses are transferred from one person to another. 

Your health is our priorityDermapenWorld places enormous importance on education, protocols and hygiene for your safety.  

Why DermapenTreatments are Safer? 

microneedling safe

When you choose Dermapen, you’re committing to the highest level of safety and hygiene. You can opt for an in-clinic treatment that uses one of our professional devices or treat yourself at home with the Dermapen HOME device. 

Dermapen 4 is the latest model of Dermapen used in clinics around the world. Its needle cartridge includes patented Anti-Contamination Management (A.C.M.) technology to help provide a sterile environment and greater peace of mind.   

Similarly, the Dermapen HOME device is safer than traditional at-home rolling methods with its sterile changeable needle. The adjustable depth makes it effective, yet safe, for the improvement of fine lines, minimising the appearance of pores, superficial scarring, pigmentation, hair-restoration, lip-enhancement, and more. 

Dermapen HOME can be used at home as required for an instant glow and to plump the skin. Post-treatment the skin fills with your choice of serum (meso-glide), making it ideal for instantaneous smoothing of fine lines.  

The Best Microneedling Devices on the Market 


Dermapen has been resetting the industry standard in excellence since its invention almost a decade ago. It’s the first automated microneedling deviceenabling us to provide unparalleled technical and clinical know-how to all of our treatment providers worldwide.  

There are now a lot of “copy” pens out there that try to emulate Dermapen’s success. However, we can’t guarantee the results and the safely of those procedures.   

You can feel confident knowing that many years of research have gone into developing and manufacturing the Dermapen 1, 2, 3 and now the 4th generation of device. We are confident that the Dermapen 4 offers far superior results, with less pain and downtime than any other product on the market.  

Just a few reasons why Dermapen 4 is trusted and loved worldwide: 

  • Impressive results 
  • Increased comfort 
  • Minimal downtime 
  • Reduced epidermal damage 

The Dermapen 4 has raised the bar to a whole new level with its 16-needle cartridge, delivering 1920 puncture channels per second. It offers faster treatment times and covers larger procedural areas.  

Dermapen Microneedling at Home vs Professional Procedures 

Dermapen microneedling can take place both in-clinic by an experienced skincare professional, or you can do it yourself at homeSo which one should you choose? 

We recommend holistic rejuvenation for your skin, combining both in-clinic and at-home treatments with our dermatologically developed range of Dp Dermaceuticals  

Here’s why.  

During a professional in-clinicDermapen 4 treatmentyour skin is assessed, and the required penetration depth determined. Some indications, such as scarring, require a deeper penetration to be effective.  

Deeper penetration requires a sterile environment for safe, risk-free treatment. 

Use Dermapen HOME to Complement Clinical Procedures 

microneedling for home

During the 6-8 weeks between your clinic visits, you can maximise your results with the at-home Dermapen HOME device, treating yourself every 7-10 days. 

The Dermapen HOME needles are adjustable from 0.1mm-0.5mm, suitable for the treatment of wrinkles, pigmentation, infusion of meso fluids, problematic skin breakouts, open pores and skin texture, rosacea and more.   

Don’t Risk At-home Procedures DeepeThan 0.5mm 

Purchasing potential “professional-depth” devices online for home use can cause more problems than benefits. As an untrained operator treating at deeper depths (over 0.5mm), you are not equipped with the knowledge or expertise to do so safely or effectively.  

Deeper is not necessarily better. Shallower depths have shown effective results for indications even within a clinical environment. The two things that matter are the oscillating speed of the needles and the quality of topical creams and serums that are applied and infused into the skin. 

A skincare professional understands the phases of the wound healing response after a Dermapen microneedling treatment and what interrupting these responses at certain depths can cause. 

Stick to treating yourself at home at a safe superficial depth with Dermapen HOME, which still delivers proven, visible results. 

Dermapen HOME for Dermapen Microneedling at Home 

Dermapen HOME microneedling device is safe and easy to use at home in between clinic visits. 

Dermapen HOME was designed using the same ground-breaking technology as the professional Dermapen devices. And is manufactured to the same high quality clinics expect. 

Thanks to the consistent Advanced Oscillating Vertical Needling (AOVN) technology, the pressure of the needle penetration is controlled (unlike rollers), and it comes with sterile disposable needle cartridges. 

Your skin is precious; don’t risk it to inferior products and devices. 

Dermapen Microneedling Side Effects 

microneedling side effects

Compared to other rejuvenation procedures, the side effects of Dermapen microneedling are considered those of a “lunchtime procedure”.  

A successful Dermapen treatment causes erythema, which is similar to the appearance and sensation of mild sunburn.  

Petechiae are small red, brown or purple spots that may appear on more delicate or thin areas, especially around the eyes. This can take 2-3 days to dissolve. Expect some pinpoint bleeding, but it’s very minimal in most cases and should stop within minutes of treatment.  

Some patients may experience minor itching or swelling in the treated areas. 

These possible side effects can be easily soothed with Dp Dermaceuticals skincare products and any redness covered with Dp Dermaceuticals COVER RECOVER. 

What to Expect During and After 

microneedling consultation

A professional consultation establishes how frequently you should have treatments, what depth will be most effective and how many procedures are required.  

Dermapen 4 is the most comfortable microneedling treatment available. It’s virtually pain-free with no need for numbing cream. 

The needle is inserted vertically and fully adjustable, offering you the fastest recovery period available. The 33 gauge needle puncture channels created during a Dermapen clinical treatment typically close within 7-15 minutes.  

One of the things people love about Dermapen microneedling is that it requires minimal to zero downtime. You can resume your skincare regimen 24 to 48 hours after a Dermapen microneedling session. Most people return to their regular daily activities straight after a treatment.  

Combat any inflammation and sensitivity you experience following the treatment with a Dp Dermaceuticals HYLA ACTIVE 3D SCULPTURED MASK. This helps hydrate and calm skin for immediate relief and can assist with reducing inflammation and discomfort. 

If time is tight, apply Dp Dermaceuticals VITAMIN RICH REPAIR for an immediate soothing effect. This post-treatment recovery balm is enriched with essential daily vitamins (A, B, C, E), peptides and antioxidants and promotes intensive repair and hydration.  

One of the most crucial steps after a professional Dermapen treatment is coating the treated area with COVER RECOVER foundation SPF. This allows you to step out after your treatment with confidence, knowing any redness is concealed. It also cools the skin, protects you from free radical damage, and can have a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of your treatment. It’s a true non-negotiable for Dermapen microneedling. 

When performing Dermapen HOME treatments at home, you can choose a deeper treatment for maintaining clinical treatments. Shortening the needle length offers an instant skin boost, great for special occasions or when you just want a quick fix. Try different needle lengths to achieve your desired results. Favourite areas for immediate results include crow’s feet around the eyes, forehead lines, and also lips for a plumper pout. 

The NON NEGOTIABLESWhen Microneedling

skin treatment care

DermapenWorld collaborated with leading research and development laboratories and clinical experts to create Dp Dermaceuticals 

These active meso-glide combinations were specially designed for Dermapen microneedling. Thousands of practitioners around the globe have endorsed them for safe infusion into the skin during skin needling procedures. 

Your clinician can advise you on a suitable homecare regime of Dp Dermaceuticals for at least 2-3 weeks before and after your treatment.   

For the best Dermapen results, we recommend continued use of the medical-grade products with potent actives for anti-ageing and correction. Discover the ultimate skincare routine for your skin type.  

The Experts in Microneedling 

Now you know everything you need to know about Dermapen microneedling before your first treatment. Are you ready to restore and revitalise your skin with a natural boost of collagen and elastin? 

Start your journey to smoother, younger looking skin today with Dermpanen HOME. To book a professional Dermapen Treatment with a skincare expert find your nearest clinic. 

If you are a professional and wish to learn how to become a DermapenWorld Authorised Treatment Provider, click here.