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Is Your Surgical Mask Causing Acne? Get Rid of Your Maskne for Good

There’s a lot of “new normal” in the Covid-era. Most of us are getting used to lockdowns, rigorous hand washing and sanitising, and wearing masks for work and in public areas. However, no one should have to put up with surgical masks causing acne or maskne.  

If you want to know how to prevent or treat maskne, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find out the best maskne skincare tips to keep your skin clear and balanced. 

What is Maskne? (And Why It Sucks)

If you’ve suddenly found yourself breaking out because of your face mask, you’re not alone. Maskne isn’t a new phenomenon, but it is attracting worldwide attention due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Each month, thousands of people scour the internet looking for maskne definitions and treatments. 

If you’ve noticed your surgical mask is causing acne, you’ve got maskne. But why is it happening? 

When we wear masks, our breath is trapped, creating a warm moist environment. These are the exact conditions bacteria thrive in. Throw in friction against your face, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for acne and rosacea.  

Although surgical masks are unquestionably the best option to protect us from viruses, using them continuously causes several issues to our skin, including: 

  • Acne (maskne) 
  • Bacteria build-up 
  • Dryness 
  • Marks and injury 
  • Rosacea

Surgical masks are not reusable. Across the globe, dumped masks are having an enormous environmental impact.  

What can we do to offset the impact this health necessity is having? 

How to Prevent Maskne

Finding skincare products that suit your skin type can help prevent maskne from happening in the first place. You need to support your skin with a routine that builds resilience and promotes regeneration. 

Dp Dermaceuticals™ products combine natural ingredients with the latest science to promote resiliency and regeneration. As the only skincare range explicitly developed for microneedling, our products have supported post-procedural and inflamed skin for a decade. 

Find the right skincare for your skin 

How to Get Rid of Maskne

If your face has already broken out and the friction of a mask is making it worse every day, don’t despair. Try switching your regular skincare routine for specialty anti-acne products. 

You can also help keep your face free from built-up bacteria, sebum and dirt by completing your evening skincare routine as soon as you’re safely home. 

Simple Maskne Skincare Routine

Get the whole routine with further tips and tricks for managing your acne and a complete list of acne-fighting actives with our recent article on acne. If you’re looking for a fast solution, here are 5 products that can blast your maskne and restore balance to your skin. 


Some disinfectants cause stinging, sensitivity, irritation or dryness to skin and eyes. CLINIPREP™, on the other hand, is deadly to pathogens but doesn’t interfere with cell regrowth. Use this maskne spray throughout the day to cleanse your skin and kill bacteria without irritation. 



Containing acne-busting actives, including Salicylic Acid and Manuka Honey, CLR FOAM CLEANSER™ regulates oil production and helps kill P-acne bacteria. Use it morning and night to gently exfoliate any damaging build up. 



Even once you’ve regained control of your maskne, you may have residual hyperpigmentation. BRITE LITE™ serum helps control oil production and contains potent tyrosinase inhibitors that reduce the appearance of dark patches. 



Oily build-up doesn’t stand a chance with the potent anti-acne combination of niacinamide and salicylic acid in CLR LOTION™. It actively prevents build-up throughout the day, so your skin remains calm and clear even under the stress of surgical mask conditions. 



If you’ve noticed your skin suffering from dehydration, add a protective barrier with SKIN VENEER™. This intensely nourishing cream is suited to all skin types. It soothes dry irritated skin and protects against harsh environmental conditions. 


ACM Protection Shield: Extra Protection & Great for Your Skin

In the fight against COVID-19, we fully support the use of surgical masks. 

However, when safe, the ACM Protection Shield offers a high level of comfort and gives your skin a chance to breathe and recover from maskne while still providing a level of protection against germs.* 

The shield has a 99.99% antibacterial transparent film and is easy to wipe down between uses. Because it’s reusable, it’s environmentally friendly. The open and transparent design (it has a special anti-fog coating) allows you to see, breathe and speak easily. 

It can also be used as an additional barrier over the top of your surgical mask. 

Try the ACM Protection Shield 

The Bottom Line

Wearing a surgical mask can be sweaty, uncomfortable, and not so great for your skin. But by supporting your skin with the correct products and relieving your skin from irritation as soon as it’s safe to do so, you give your skin the best chance to stay clean and clear. 

Don’t let masks win the battle against your skin. Equip your skin with the products it needs to banish spots, pimples, pustules and rosacea and retain a healthy glow. 

Ready to build resilience and get rid of your maskne for good? 

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*Disclaimer: We make NO claims that the ACM Protection Shield is effective against the COVID-19 virus. We encourage people to continue to use surgical masks as directed and necessary.