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What Is My Skin Type

Unlike skin conditions which may refer to problems such as acne, dehydration or pigmentation, skin type refers to the amount of oil produced by the skin. Skin type may be categorised into normal, combination, oily or dry.

Most children before they hit puberty have what is classified as normal skin – they are neither oily nor dry. When puberty occurs however, increases in adrenal hormones (such as testosterone) determine the size of the skin’s oil gland and how much oil is produced. People with an oily skin have a larger sebaceous (or oil) gland. This means more oil can be produced and distributed. People with a smaller sebaceous gland have drier skin as less oil is secreted and dispersed.

Sebaceous glands are most abundant on the nose, forehead and chin; these areas are commonly called the T-zone. A face with an oily t-zone but is otherwise dry is called a combination skin type. The sebaceous glands produce an oil also known as sebum. As men produce more testosterone than females, they can be up to five times oilier than women. As the sebaceous gland sits within a follicle, oil is distributed over the face and body by traveling up the tiny hairs that sit in each follicle. As there are no follicles on the lips, palms and soles, there is no sebum released onto these areas.

Determining your skin type can be easy. If your face is greasy and make-up slides off within 2 hours of washing, then this is the sign of an oily skin. Oily skins can often be afflicted with pimples, acne and excess shine. If only your t-zone starts to shine by lunch time, then your skin type most likely is combination. Combination skins can often experience blackheads on the nose and inner cheek areas. A dry skin can often feel tight and parched for moisture. Signs of a dry skin include flaking, dullness and almost invisible pores. Unlike children, adults very rarely have normal skin.

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