What Issues Does Dermapen Treatment Solve for Ageing Women?

The effects of ageing can take a considerable toll on the skin. Women who desire to reverse the effects of ageing typically resort to the use of topical solutions that promise to moisturise, tighten and smoothen the skin to give it a more youthful appearance. Sadly, a majority of these skincare products only work for a brief period of time whilst some create more problems for users. What Issues Does Dermapen Treatment Solve for Ageing Women?

The good news is that there is a revolutionary procedure called derma needling treatment that can solve all your skin ageing woes and deliver other benefits, too. If you wish to learn more about derma needling, continue reading.

Derma Needling- What is it?

Derma needling also known as microneedling is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that aims to replenish the production of collagen and elastin that makes up the superficial layers of the skin. It utilises the body’s natural healing process in producing two of the skin’s major building blocks, collagen and elastin by creating small wounds on the skin with a skin needling tool fitted with microscopic needles.

Dermapen 4 is one of the more popular skin needling tools on the market and is preferred by a growing number of skincare centres and dermatological clinics all over the globe.

Some of the benefits of using Dermapen for skin needling are as follows:

Dermapen for scars

Ageing signs are not the only problems that women face when it comes to skincare. Acne scars and stretch marks are also issues that may be visible on the face and neck regions. Derma needling reduces the visibility of scars through the production of new skin cells.

Dermapen for pigmentation issues

Hyperpigmentation is also a common concern among ageing women. This problem can result in uneven skin tone and dull complexion. With regular Dermapen needling sessions, the skin reveals a more even skin tone and improves overall complexion, too.

Dermapen for wrinkles

Derma needling with the use of Dermapen addresses all signs of skin aging; from wrinkles, sagging, dullness, dryness, fine lines and crow’s feet to name a few. Dermapen microneedling treatment reverses the signs of aging by stimulating the production of new skin cells, thus replacing old cells that contribute to ageing appearance of the skin.

Truly, Dermapen microneedling treatment offers a host of benefits using one tool. The precision, accuracy, and immediate results delivered by Dermapen should be more than enough for you to try it yourself soon.

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