What’s the Best CBD Skincare? Add These Dermal Dynamos to Your Routine 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is quickly gaining traction in the skincare scene, and it’s easy to understand why. Unlike its fellow cannabinoid THC, it won’t get you high. What it does do is offer a wide range of potential skincare benefits.

Maybe you’re wondering how to incorporate this trending ingredient into your routine? To answer that question, we’ve rounded up our best CBD skincare products. Learn how they work and when to incorporate them for “how do you get it to glow like that?” skin.

CBD Benefits

cbd oil benefits for skin

Why is CBD such a key ingredient in high-quality skincare?

Essentially, research suggests that cannabinoid substances (like CBD and THC) interact with “cannabinoid receptors” in our cells. There are over 60 cannabinoid compounds found in the hemp plant. This process is thought to be responsible for the beneficial effects of CBD on mood, skin health, quality of sleep, inflammation and overall wellbeing.

Different Types of CBD

While there are different types of cannabinoids, there are also different types of CBD. But the most important thing you need to know is that the CBD used in Dp Dermaceuticals is completely THC-free. It’s safe for all ages and won’t get you high. THC is a separate cannabinoid from CBD.

That said, there are 3 different forms of CBD. These are handy to know when reading through the lists of our best CBD products.

Full Spectrum CBD – This form of CBD contains other cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant, including possible traces of THC. There’s no Full Spectrum CBD in any of our products.

Broad Spectrum CBD – Broad Spectrum CBD contains some other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, but the THC compounds are removed.

CBD Isolate – This is a purified CBD molecule, the closest thing you can get to pure CBD. It resembles a white powder.

The Best CBD Products from Dp Dermaceuticals

Our Best CBD Tincture

Our Best CBD Creams

CBD ELIXIR (500 mg or 1000 mg)

best cbd oil products

This tincture is so natural some people take it under the tongue or used on the skin to relax both mind and body. It contains the finest Broad Spectrum CBD and is NOT psychoactive or habit-forming. 

It’s a wonderful way to calm skin before a Dermapen Treatment. The 1000 mg can be massaged into the skin with the SSS MASSAGE ROLLER TIP (in clinics with the Dermapen 4™ device) or SSS MASSAGE ROLLER (at home with the Dermapen HOME). It’s a great natural aesthetic alternative that can increase your comfort during a microneedling procedure.

CBD ELIXIR 500mg is also intended for daily use as part of your morning routine. The Broad Spectrum CBD is blended with MCT coconut oil for additional moisturisation and greater penetration.

Pro tip: Blend a few drops of Dp Dermaceuticals CBD ELIXIR to your favourite moisturiser like VITAMIN RICH REPAIR, SKIN VENEER It’s a known ingredient booster, so you’ll get even greater benefits.


Three high-quality and beneficial oils are blended with 99.7% pure CBD Isolate in this soothing balm. It contains organic almond, olive, and jojoba oil, and the result is extremely nurturing and antioxidant-rich.

This balm provides rapid and safe relief to common ailments such as mild aches and pains. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects make it ideal for use on scarred or sensitive skin. Almond oil has been shown to reduce the likelihood of scarring and progression of stretch marks.

And if you find that you have a stubborn patch of very dry skin, this is your SOS balm—it’s intensively hydrating.


cbd skin care cream

The skin surrounding your eyes is a tricky area. It ages quickly and can often feel irritated, especially if you’re tired. And yet, the skin is thinner, meaning it ages more quickly and can’t tolerate the active ingredients that you’d usually use to prevent the signs of ageing.

Rapid Eye Restore (R.E.R.) cream complete with CBD to the rescue! Your fragile eye area gets a potent dose of antioxidants from the 99.7% pure CBD isolate and Vitamin C. Antioxidants are powerful anti-ageing agents that sweep up free radicals caused by your natural metabolism, UV rays or smoking etc. The actives are tolerated in the eye area and reach deeper skin layers thanks to the revolutionary Calphasomes™ delivery system

Apply this nourishing antioxidant-rich eye cream morning and night to provide protection and maintain a youthful expression.


cbd skin care moisturiser

The modern world brings with it a wide range of new challenges. For many of us, life and work require us to be in front of our smartphones, computers, fluorescent lighting, and television monitors. But do you know that the blue light could be causing damage to your skin?

CBD VISSSAGE is designed to combat this new threat to your skin’s appearance. As well as 99.7% pure CBD, the blue light defence moisturiser also contains Lumicease™. This key ingredient activates epidermal photosensors and both repairs and protects skin from damage caused by blue light.

Get a Customised Skincare Routine

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Are you ready to ditch the guesswork and transform your skin? For a fully customised Dermapen Treatment that’s tailored to your skin concerns, book a consultation with one of our Authorised Treatment Providers.

Or get started at home with our Ultimate Skincare Routines By Skin Concern.

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Disclaimer: Dp Dermaceuticals are cosmetic products and not designed to cure or treat diseases. As with any cosmetic product you should check the regulatory requirements for purchase in your home country.