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Discover Dermapen 4’s Benefits

Restore your skin to its optimal health with the help of Dermapen 4. The new Dermapen 4 promises to deliver fast and effective results safely from a DermapenWorld Authorised Treatment Provider,  skin expert. This revolutionary skin pen is the best device for collagen induction therapy- a skin rejuvenation procedure that treats a myriad of skin conditions through natural and safe collagen production.

Dermapen added brand new features that promise for their skin pen to set a new global standard in the beauty world.

Here are some things to expect from Dermapen 4:

The creators of Dermapen 4 promises this new iteration has the power to treat more skin issues, including:

–  Stretch marks

–  Enlarged pores

–  Acne scars, surgical scars, atrophic scars

–  Uneven skin complexion and texture

–  Sun-damaged skin

–  Fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin aging signs

Dermapen 4 is now outfitted with the latest microneedling technologies making it safe, effective, easy-to-use, and pain-free. Also, the device has just received the My Face My Body 2019 Award for New Product of the Year.

For doctors and skincare professionals, using Dermapen 4 is an advantage as it showcases more power, precision, and speed; technical features that ensure efficiency during microneedling procedures.

In the case of patients, the new features guarantee a pain-free experience, a factor that contributes to the successful results of microneedling procedure.

– The Dermapen 4 ST Scar Protocol is a new and innovative feature absent on other skin pen devices on the market. The dedicated scar setting protocols allow users to treat different types of scars ranging from post-surgical scars to acne scars. The needle penetration in Dermapen 4 can reach up to 3.00mm. This targeted depth and precision stimulate collagen production- a process that reduces the appearance of scars over time.

– The AOVN technology is yet another brand-new feature that promises pain-free microneedling procedure for patients. This feature increases oscillation thus reducing the discomfort that patients experience during their sessions.

– The Dermapen 4 has a total of 16 needles that produce up to 1920 holes per second- that which is 47.69% more holes than its predecessor, Dermapen 3 generates. This means shorter microneedling sessions for patients, making it a good skin rejuvenation procedure for those with busy and hectic schedules.

– Dermapen has built-in Anti-Contamination Management System and Fluid Guard mechanisms make it a safe skin needling device to use for professionals and patients alike.

Dermapen 4 is the Ultimate Beauty Device of the Future

The Dermapen 4 is not just your ordinary microneedling device. Its release in 2018 delighted dermatologists and beauty professionals alike. With a wide array of new features, DermapenWorld has undeniably set a new global standard in the world of dermatology. To learn more about the brand new Dermapen 4, continue reading.

Top Revolutionary Features of the Dermapen 4

DermapenWorld has invested millions of dollars in research and development improving their microneedling device to make it the best in the beauty industry.The brand new modifications will reinvent the process of microneedling and deliver results that other skin pens can only dream to deliver among its clients and their patients, too.

Below is a brief look at the revolutionary features of Dermapen 4:

Dermapen 4 Scar Treatment Protocol

The new version of Dermapen is the only microneedling device on the market with its own scar setting protocol that tackles different scar varieties including post-acne scars, atrophic scars, and surgical scars, to name a few.

As needle penetration found in Dermapen 4 can now reach up to 3.0 mm, which means more boost in collagen and elastin production.

The brand AOVN technology allows to automatically recalibrates settings such as pressure, penetration, and speed for targeted and highly enhanced precision.

Based in Dermapen 4 reviews, these added features result in effortless operation among practitioners as evidenced of less dragging and pulling on the skin. For patients, these new features mean less pain and discomfort during microneedling procedures.

Why Should You Try Dermapen 4 Microneedling Treatment Soon? image by Dermapen World



When compared alongside traditional skin laser treatments, the use of Dermapen 4 promises reduced damage as a result of heat exposure. There is also lower chances of hypopigmentation when using Dermapen 4 microneedling device. It is the best skin pen on the market that can be used for patients with sensitive skin such as those with melasma as well as vitiligo patients.

It is also the preferred treatment for pigmentation issues including seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, alopecia and many more.

To learn more about Dermapen Treatments and how they can help your skin concern, click here. But if you would like to book a session of microneedling with Dermapen, find here an Authorized Treatment Provider close to you.

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*The beautiful picture featured at the beginning of this article was courtesy of our Authorised Treatment Provider in Australia, The Skin Clinic.