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Pain points of dermal rollers: why skin needling is best

At DermapenWorld, we’re obsessed with finding the best skincare solutions for skin concerns. We believe skin needling with Dermapen 4 is the ultimate way to achieve outstanding results for skin that looks and feels amazing. But with different skin needling techniques and trends doing the rounds, it can get a tad confusing. Before we explore the differences, here’s a quick refresher on skin needling. 

What’s skin needling? 

Skin needling often goes by different names—collagen induction therapy, dermal needling, dermal rolling and microneedling. Overall, the treatment concept is similar—to create injuries on the skin to activate the skin’s natural response to rejuvenate and repair.  

And while skin needling can be used to assist with skin concerns such as ageing, pigmentation, acne and stretch marks, the truth is, not all treatments are created equal. There are factors to consider such as safety, downtime, pain levels and results, to name a few. Let’s take a look at dermal rollers and microneedling with Dermapen 4 

Looking sharp 

what is dermaroller dermapen

A dermal roller is a hand-held tool with a spinning wheel studded with exposed needles on one end, and a handle at the other end. Yes, it looks like something you’d find in an old toolbox!  It’s manually rolled over the skin and has an intense prickly sensation so numbing cream is a must. (Allow 30-45 minutes for the cream to work). This technique leaves skin looking red and raw so patients should wait eight weeks between clinic appointments.  

Dermapen 4 is a digital hand-held device that has a triggering motion whereby very fine needles systematically puncture the skin. It’s virtually pain-free and works fast. While some patients may experience redness, this quickly settles down with the application of Dp Dermaceuticals COVER RECOVER, which also helps skin heal fast. In-clinic treatments are 4 to 6 weeks apart. 

Now let’s dig deeper into the difference between these methods for skin rejuvenation 

Patient Safety  

With any sort of skin puncturing, patient safety is a priority. Microneedling with Dermapen 4 requires Authorised Treatment Provider (ATPs) to follow strict protocols for sanitising and maintaining a sterile environment. What’s more, the needles are encased in a sterile cartridge which is fitted to the Dermapen 4 device so you can always count on it being sterile.  

The design of a dermal roller means it can never be sterile—even after sanitising. The roller is exposed to contaminants in the air and that means nasties can penetrate the skin. Once that happens it can lead to longer healing times.  

Safety measures—or lack of, can impact the customer experience. It’s vital to ensure there’s no cross contamination which may lead to infections. 

Customised treatment 

professional microneedling

Dermapen 4 allows professionals to change the speed and depth of the needle with the touch of a button during an in-clinic treatment. This makes it easy to customise microneedling for different areas of the skin and for tackling specific skin conditions, including scars! It’s the only microneedling pen with a dedicated scar treatment setting, penetrating a depth of 3mm.  

The needles on a dermal roller are uniform so they’ll only enter the skin at one depth. The only other option is to have a few dermal rollers on hand with different needle depths, but swapping between them is a fiddly process. The maximum depth of a dermal roller is 1.5mm so unlike Dermapen 4 it won’t penetrate as deep into the skin. Curious to know why dermal rollers have less needle depth?  

Damage to skin 

Although microneedling and dermal rolling both create micro-injuries to skin, the end results are very different. Microneedling creates micro-channels whereas dermal rollers create micro-tears. If the needles for dermal rollers had more length (needle depth), imagine how much more traumatic that would be to skin. 

Because of its design, the needles on a dermal roller enter and exit the skin at an angle. This process leaves skin looking extremely inflamed which means longer downtime, plus there’s a greater risk of infection.   

Microneedling with Dermapen 4 uses a straight oscillating motion so there’s no dragging of the skin. The technique creates micro-channels that deliver the powerful actives in Dp Dermaceuticals serums deep into the skin. Together they help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to enhance skin regeneration. 

Watch our quick video for a visual demonstration of how these two systems work.  


While dermal rollers have been around for decades, they have not changed much in their design or functionality. Dermapen 4 by DermapenWorld is the latest device since the launch of the first microneedling system in 2010. With the release of each device over the years, new benchmarks in the industry have been set and DermapenWorld has won many awards. It’s good to know you’re on a winner!  

Dermapen 4 glides effortlessly over skin and can work up to 104% faster than other microneedling pen—but remember speed can be adjusted for comfort and precision. Its sleek design allows easy grip and control. One slip of the hand when using a dermal roller and there could be a bloody mess!  

The small tip of Dermapen 4 makes it easy to reach areas such as under the eye, nose and upper lip. These areas are difficult, if not impossible to target with dermal rollers 

And finally, the 16-needle cartridge in Dermapen 4 can create up to 1,920 micro-channels in a single second. Now that’s efficiency you can’t beat.  

Skin needling at-home 

microneedling for home

In between appointments, patients can complement in-clinic sessions with the Dermapen HOME microneedling pen. Created for at home maintenance only, it allows patients to boost the results of in-clinic microneedling.  

Just like the professional device, the needles are encased in sterile cartridges. With the needle depth only 0.5mm, it’s a safe skin needling option for home use by non-professionals.  

Learn more  

DermapenWorld offers a complete skin care system, and microneedling plays a major role.  Discover more on the DermapenWorld microneedling difference and get ready to deliver outstanding results and service to your patients.