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Your Step-by-Step Seasonal Skincare Routine 

New Season? New Skincare 

The change of season can be an exciting time. There’s new fashion, cute ways to decorate your home, and holidays to look forward to. Shame then, that your complexion is determined to ruin the fun. 

Even subtle changes in your environment can result in new and unexpected skin problems. The indulgent moisturiser you loved on winter skin now feels like an oil spill on your face in summer. And then winter winds whip-up dry skin and chapped lips that are no match for the light serum you used in your skincare for summer. 

While a set and forget approach to your skincare routine won’t work, that doesn’t mean you can’t bask in a year-round glow.  

Follow our tips for a skincare routine that supports your skin—rain, hail, or shine. 

Summer Skincare 

summer skincare tips

The secret to solving your seasonal skincare dramas is to understand why they occur in the first place. In summer, your sebaceous (oil) glands ramp up production, leading to problematic outbreaks. 

And while the first sun rays can feel delicious on bare skin, beware! UV rays lead to dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and excess pigmentation, to name a few. SPF anyone? 

Before you retreat indoors, know that air-conditioning’s not doing your skin any favours either. You’ll need a potent boost of hydration to counteract the drying effect. 

Now you know what you’re up against, it’s time to find the perfect balance for a complexion as bright and clear as the summer sky. 



Does summer see you freaking out about breaking out? Cleansing can rescue your skin from excess sebum and sweat. The problem is, stripping your skin dry can trigger your skin to produce more oil and (you guessed it) break out. 

You need to restore balance to your skin with a cleanser that’s potent enough to kill inflammatory pathogens but gentle on your skin. CLINIPREP™ contains the same hypochlorous chemistry to fight infection as the human immune system. It’s incredibly gentle and pH neutral, with no stinging or irritation. 

With a selective blend of skin clarifying natural amino acids, salts, herbal and fruit extracts, CLR FOAM CLEANSER also helps regulate oil production. The addition of manuka honey helps kill harmful bacteria and restore a natural glow. The addition of salicylic acid—a beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) known for removing and preventing impurities in the skin—flushes out pores for irresistibly smooth summer skin. 


Summer skin tends to be less rough, dull, and congested than winter skin. However, that doesn’t mean you should skip the exfoliant altogether.  

Achieve a brightened dewy effect using MICRO DERM EXFOLIANT with bamboo powder to gently dislodge built-up dead skin cells, sweat, and sebum. Your skin is left feeling purified and smooth.  


Packed with brightening antioxidants, ANTIOXIDANT COCKTAIL™ is the must-have serum for uneven skin tones. It lightly moisturises while actively illuminating and evening out complexion—sunspots, age spots, and even melasma appear reduced. Enjoy a clarified and unified skin tone with an extra boost of brightening coming from Vitamin C, Rooibos and Niacinamide. 


summer correctorThere’s nothing like a cheeky hour in the sun to make your freckles or melasma pop. Discovering a product that works to even out your skin tone and fade pigmentation is a huge advantage. 

Packed with tyrosinase inhibitors, BRITE LITE is the must-have corrective serum for pigmentation-prone skin. Its creamy texture lightly moisturises while actively balancing the production of melanin. Sunspots, age spots, and even melasma appear reduced. 

Enjoy clarified and unified skin tone with an extra boost of brightening coming from Liquorice and Vitamin C. 

Eye Skincare 

Shelve the heavy eye creams in your skincare routine for summer and opt for a moisturising serum to combat signs of ageing from the sun. R.E.R. (Rapid Eye Restore) EYE SERUM boasts powerful anti-ageing actives, Vitamin A and Bakuchiol, delivered in deeply penetrating and refreshing Hyaluronic Acid formulation. It’s the perfect product to visibly lift and firm the skin around your eyes. 


Now comes the tricky part. What’s the best moisturiser to offer you the right level of hydration and protection without stifling your skin?  

Morning day time routine morning

morning moisturise

Start your day with a light lotion or corrective. The oil balancing effects of CLR LOTION make it a favourite amongst those with problematic skin. It soothes irritation and helps lighten pigmentation associated with inflamed acne. 


Lessen the visible signs of skin damage from the sun and ageing by incorporating RETINAL ACTIVE as a night cream. With the highest concentration of Vitamin A available without a prescription, it’s powerful against fine lines and wrinkles. Unlike other night creams, it absorbs rapidly making it comfortable to wear even in the height of summer.   


cover recover protector

Of all the summer skincare tips, warding off the harmful effects of UV rays is at the top of the list (especially when using Retinoids/Vitamin A on your skin).  

COVER RECOVER is the go-to sunscreen that provides a physical barrier in the form of Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. Meaning it won’t clog your pores or feel suffocating on your skin. The light-diffusing minerals in COVER RECOVER blur imperfections with self-adjusting pigment providing flawless coverage that won’t slip off if you sweat.  

7 Tips for Flawless Summer Skin 

  1. Go light: Heavier products can make your skin feel clogged and congested during the warmer months. 
  2. Protect your pores: Choose non-comedogenic skincare (the experts’ way of saying it won’t clog your pores). 
  3. Cover up: Wearing a sun hat and protective clothing or staying indoors when the sun is at its most intense is one of the biggest favours you can do for your skin. 
  4. Wear sunnies: Protect the skin around your eyes from premature ageing or pigmentation by always having your sunglasses to hand. 
  5. Reapply: Remember to slather on more sunscreen every 2 hours. 
  6. Prime your skin: If your make-up slides off faster than a bead of sweat, use a primer to keep it in place. One of our favourite tricks is to use SSSCAR™ under COVER RECOVER for a flawless finish. 
  7. Drink lots of water: Hydrate your skin from the inside as well as out. 

Transition Seasons with Ease 

seasonal moisturiser

Shoulder seasons can be tough to navigate. Some days you’ll be hot and humid; then temperatures plummet, and you find yourself cutting open tubes looking for a comforting smear of last year’s intensive moisturiser.  

Dermapen HOME 

Dermapen HOME 2We’ll let you in on a little seasonal skincare hack. Dermapen HOME™ is the quick-fix miracle device that rapidly solves any problems that creep up. Whether it’s a few pimples that have caught you unaware or dry, flaky skin, the ultimate at-home microneedling device instantly plumps your skin and sends a boost of collagen and elastin to the rescue.  

The best part is that you can use it weekly until your problems are resolved and then drop down to once a month or as needed. 

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Dp Dermaceuticals L.E.D. FACE 

led face mask

Another fast-acting seasonal skin fix is the Dp Dermaceuticals L.E.D.™ FACE. This proven technology immensely improves skin concerns such as signs of ageing, pigmentation, dehydration and sun damage.  

If used consistently 3 to 4 times each week, LED (Light Emitting Diode) light therapy ensures skin cells are functioning at maximum efficiency. It’s the perfect way to ensure your skin has strength and durability to withstand any environmental changes. 

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Winter Skincare 

winter skincare tips

Shorter winter days are characterised by cooler climates and lower humidity, threatening chronic dry skin if you don’t take precautions. But that’s not all. Harsh winds can lead to red, flaky skin and irritate sensitive skin. Ouch! 

UV rays are still present in winter, so protecting your skin the whole year round is a priority. 

It’s not all doom and gloom though. While you’re busy wrapping your body in protective layers, you can also treat your face to the same level of comfort. Find out how to transition into a more luxurious skincare routine in winter for a complexion warmer than a steamy mug of cocoa. 


When humidity plummets in winter, all your skincare products must work together to restore hydration and balance to your skin. While moisturisers and serums are known for their hydrating properties, your cleanser might be setting you up to fail by stripping the natural oil and moisture from your skin. 

That’s why we love the TRIPHASE CLEANSER. It goes on as a silky balm and reacts in synergy to your skin by converting into oil. As you add water to wash it off, it undergoes a final transformation into silky milk. Feel the difference as it melts away all traces of pollution, debris, and make-up while balancing the skin’s moisture levels. 


Before you reach for an aggressive scrub to get rid of itchy, dry skin, be warnedover-exfoliation may dry your skin out even further.  

As well as Bamboo Powder, which is smoother than other exfoliants and kind to sensitive skin, MICRO DERM EXFOLIANT also harnesses the power of lactic acid. In our skin, lactic acid forms 11–12% of natural moisturising factors (NMFs). It’s this potent humectant quality that helps MICRODERM EXFOLIANT restore and maintain hydration while sloughing away built-up flaky dead skin for a brighter complexion. 


Once you’ve buffed away the dead skin cells, now’s the time to load your skin up with moisture. The quickest and easiest way to do this? HYLA ACTIVE serum. Containing our breakthrough HylaFuse Complex—with 3 differently sized Hyaluronic Acid molecules for deeper penetration—this lightweight gel formula instantly creates a barrier on the skin, boosting moisture content and preventing moisture loss. Your dry winter skin will drink it up. 

Another fantastic option for dry skin in the winter months is VITAMIN RICH REPAIR, classified as a skin corrector (between serum and moisturiser) due to the number of anti-ageing actives it contains. Packed with Copper Peptides, Vitamins B, C & E, Hyaluronic Acid and 2 different types of Vitamin A, this creamy formula protects your winter skin from pollutants and promotes repair. 

Eye Skincare 

winter eye skincare

When humidity drops, you need to make sure to pump up your hydration and collagen-boosting efforts around your eyes. CBD R.E.R. EYE CREAM provides essential hydration for delicate areas surrounding the eyes, helping to diminish puffiness and increase collagen production. Three natural oils—Jojoba, Almond and Argan—are artfully blended in this rich, creamy product that absorbs quickly for bright, youthful-looking eyes. 


In winter, it’s time to lather up with luxuriously creamy moisturisersThe best winter moisturisers arent just about hydration, but also adding a protective barrier to ward off the elements.  

Morning day time routine morning

morning moisturiser

Create a natural barrier function on your winter skin with SKIN VENEER. This moisture-rich cream not only locks in any benefits from your serums and correctors but also shields your skin from the detrimental effects of harsh weather.  

While some moisturisers can feel suffocating on the skin, SKIN VENEER contains squalane, an intense moisturising oil naturally found in the skin that regulates excess oil production and doesn’t clog pores. It’s a refreshingly light moisturiser suitable for all skin types. 

Of course, it’s not only the cold and windy weather that can leave our winter skin distressed. The blue light from your phone or laptop could also be to blame. CBD VISSSAGE harnesses the power of CBD, Wagandys and Lumicease™ to protect the skin against chronic blue light damage. It’s moisture-rich and fortifies the skin to visibly firm and plump fine lines and wrinkles. 


The good news is you don’t have to ditch your RETINAL ACTIVE in winter. This intelligent formula improves hydration in and around skin cells, staving off dehydration while also combating the visible signs of skin damage from sun and ageing.  


cover recover protector

Just because the sun is taking a hiatus doesn’t mean UV rays aren’t causing your skin damage. That’s why it’s always essential to apply and reapply a good sunscreen.  

COVER RECOVER makes it easy to remember as it acts almost like a tinted moisturiser with anti-ageing effects. With powerful vitamins, botanicals, peptides, probiotics and Hyaluronic Acid, it also helps maintain hydration and rejuvenate your skin. 

7 Tip for Flawless Winter Skin 

  1. Keep your cool: As tempting as a steaming hot shower may be, it’s best to use tepid water to rinse off your cleanser. 
  2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: Cold wind and heating compromise the skin’s surface barrier, making it a struggle to retain hydration. Choose deeply moisturising products that also act as a barrier to keep hydration locked in. 
  3. Protect your lips: Emollient lip conditioners are a must in winter. Remember, prevention is better than cure, so start early in the season.  
  4. Pump up the vitamins: Reverse-cycle air conditioning or polluted atmosphere distresses your skin. Nourishing vitamin-rich skincare (like VITAMIN RICH REPAIR) helps. 
  5. Avoid astringents: Steer clear of astringents, as they strip away your skin’s natural oils and dry out your skin. 
  6. Mask it: Masks are a fabulous way to provide instant and intense hydration whenever you feel your skin is suffering at the hands of cold, windy weather. Check out Dp Dermaceuticals nourishing range of masks. 
  7. Take care of your hands: One of the first parts of your body to age, your hands are often left exposed to the elements. Treat them to regular Dp Dermaceuticals LED HAND masks during winter months for an extra collagen and moisture boost. 

Feel Confident in Your Seasonal Skincare Routine 

seasonal skincare routine

Armed with your new intel on why your skin reacts the way it does to different seasons, now’s the time to stock up on the right seasonal skincare products to support your skin in all weathers.  

A few tweaks to your Dp Dermaceuticals routine could make all the difference, allowing you to enjoy predictably radiant skin all year round. 

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