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Our exclusive range of CBD creams and balms are rich in antioxidants and soothingly therapeutic for your skin. Feel the difference the protective, nourishing properties of these speciality products make to your skin.

Local regulations might be applied to this product. For more information refer to FAQs below on this page.

  • THC-free, Non-Psychoactive CBD
  • Soothingly Therapeutic
  • Powerful Antioxidants
  • CBD VISSSAGE - 50ml

    Help protect your skin from damage caused by screen-time with this anti-blue light moisturiser.


    Oil-rich calming balm that soothes and rehydrates dry and inflamed skin.

  • CBD R.E.R. EYE CREAM - 15ml

    Visibly firms contours and lessens the appearance of puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

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See the difference incorporating this selection of revolutionary CBD skincare products into your daily routine makes.

From blue-light defence (essential for spending hours in front of screens) to extra nourishment and protection for the delicate area around your eyes, the breakthrough products in the CBD SKINCARE STARTER SET help keep your skin looking younger.

CBD ÜBER CALM BALM is perfect for soothing minor aches and pains, rehydrating stubborn dry patches, and even helping reduce the appearance of scars. It’s a must-have in every bathroom cabinet.

CBD is known for its antioxidant superpowers that fight the damage caused by free radicals. We use the highest quality hemp-derived CBD in all our products. It’s safe and THC-free.

Key Benefits

  • High-quality hemp-derived CBD skincare
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Combat the damage caused by blue light from screens
  • Visibly improve the appearance of puffy dark circles
  • Safe, non-psychoactive, THC-free
  • Relieve mild aches and pains

Included in the Offer

  • 1 x CBD Visssage 50ml
  • 1 x CBD Calm Balm 30ml
  • 1 x CBD R.E.R. Eye Cream 15ml

How to Use

Daily Skin Care Routine


For hydration: apply the CBD calming balm topically to areas of very dry skin (face and body). Avoid the eye area. For minor aches and pains: apply topically to areas of discomfort.


Only a thin layer (1/2 rice grain per eye) needs to be applied to the delicate eye area. Massage in gentle circles until absorbed.


Apply sparingly to face, neck and décolleté as the last skincare step to lock in the benefits of other correctives. Follow with COVER RECOVER™.

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Suitable for all skin types, use CBD ÜBER CALM BALM to calm and hydrate aged, dry, or irritated skin.


Suitable for all skin types, this rich anti-ageing eye cream smooths and revives wrinkled, dull, puffy eyes and dark circles.


Use on dry to normal skin types to prevent and correct damage from regular exposure to blue light from screens.

CBD is cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive component of the hemp plant that offers significant benefits.

CBD is a natural remedy, rich in therapeutic and synergistic effects within the skin. CBD also acts as an ingredient booster, making it a perfect addition to our range.

The broad spectrum CBD and CBD isolate used in Dp Dermaceuticals™ are THC-free. They’re non-psychoactive and safe for all ages. All of our ingredients are specifically chosen to bring a unique benefit to the formulations and together they are proven effective.

Use as directed. If you’re pregnant, we advise against using CBD products. Consult your physician.

There’s virtually no evidence that this reaction occurs in humans. There’s no known enzyme that’s capable of causing such a bioconversion. Furthermore, one study in 14 patients who were administered oral doses of CBD at 10mg/kg/day showed that there was no detectable level of THC throughout.

CBD is an unscheduled drug in most countries. Today, CBD is commonly used in cosmetics all around the world. Users and practitioners who prescribe CBD products are advised to check with the relevant regulatory body regarding the sale and use of CBD products.

If you’re pregnant, we advise against using products containing CBD. Please consult your physician.

Our sets are designed to get you the ultimate results for your specific skin concern. However, if your treatment provider recommends adding in an additional product based on their clinical assessment of your skin that’s encouraged. All our Dp Dermaceutical products bring out the best in each other.

While you can purchase any extra products individually to supplement this selection; we don’t offer the option to swap out products contained in our sets.

Yes, we want you to feel completely confident at every step of your skin journey with us.

Our worry-free policy gives you 60 days to try any of our Dp Dermaceuticals skincare products purchased online. If you don’t see results return the products and we’ll arrange a refund (minus shipping and handling fees).

Yes, we absolutely do ship worldwide. Simply enter your preferred shipping address during the purchase process.

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