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Watch the video or scroll down the page for step-by-step instructions for the best results.  

All your essential documentation (including user manual and quick guide) is available at the bottom of this page.  

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If you have myDermapen, our previous microneedling device version, please refer to this page.


Set Up Your Dermapen HOME 

The first thing you need to do is install the Dermapen HOME™ Companion App and register your device to your account for it to work. 

The rechargeable turbo-cut lithium battery takes 2 hours to charge fully.   

Download your manual for set-up instructions 


Choose Your Meso-Glide™ Serum 

Microneedling must be performed with a serum or cream called a Meso-Glide™. The Dermapen HOME creates micro-channels, which carry the Meso-Glide up to 80% deeper into the skin than regular topical applications.   

Enough Dp Dermaceuticals HYLA ACTIVE™ is provided with your device to perform your first procedure. HYLA ACTIVE delivers deep hydration, comfort, and repair when used on its own, or you can mix it with the below serums.   


Dispense and pre-mix your Meso-Glide during set-up in a clean, sterilised bowl so that it’s easy to apply when microneedling. 


Thoroughly Wash Hands and Face

Cleanliness is key to effective and safe home treatments. Make sure your surface area and pen are clean and disinfected. Have fresh hand towels or gauze ready.  

Use Dp Dermaceuticals TRI-PHASE CLEANSER to clean skin. Dry skin thoroughly before proceeding.   

Follow by spritzing CLINIPREP on skin for clinical-standard hygiene.  

Depending on skin type, you may also use CLR FOAM CLEANSER or MICRODERM EXFOLIANT. Cleanse hands with ACM HAND SANITISER.


Attach Sterile Needle Cartridge

With clean hands, remove Needle Cartridge from the sealed wrapper. Gently insert drive ball end (looks like a small tail) into Dermapen HOME.  

Turn the cartridge a quarter-turn clockwise to lock in place. It should slot in easily – don’t force, squeeze or overturn as this may damage the device or cartridge.   

When removing the cartridge later, remember to twist and then remove the cartridge. Pulling with force may damage the device. 


Set Needle Level and Speed

Switch Dermapen HOME on by holding the Primary Button for 3 seconds.  

Remove protective cap and discard in general home waste.  

Use the Speed Buttons on the side of the device to increase (+) or decrease (-) the needle speed (puncture frequency).  

Use the Level Buttons on the top of the device to increase (+) or decrease (-) the needle level.  


High speed encourages faster results, and a deeper needle setting may achieve visible results more quickly. However, if it isn’t comfortable, don’t worry. Start on the lowest level and dial up to the maximum level according to your tolerance.  

You can still achieve outstanding results by performing Dermapen HOME procedures at the minimum level every 7-10 days.   


Apply Meso-Glide in Sections 

Start with an area of the face and ensure it’s completely covered with serum. As you progress through the treatment, liberally apply more as required. Your skin will soak up the nutrients and vitamins faster than ever!  

Split the face into the following 6 areas to ensure a thorough procedure. Some areas may require the needle level or speed adjusted to your comfort level.  

  • Cheeks: A great starting place, especially if this is your first time! 
  • Forehead: May feel slightly sensitive but imagine those frown lines disappearing.
  • Chin/jawline: Minimise pores and breakouts in this area and tighten jowls. 
  • Eye area: For safety, avoid needling too close to the eyes. Areas outside the orbital area such as crow’s feet or dark circles below this delicate area may be microneedled with caution.
  • Nose: Another sensitive area often impacted by enlarged pores, blackheads, and sun damage.
  • Upper lip and lips: You can plump your lips, too! Lines can quickly form on the upper lip when neglected.

You Can Microneedle Other Areas Too

Additional areas include:

  • Neck: Target lines and drooping skin. 
  • Décolleté: Don’t let this often-exposed area succumb to sun damage.
  • Behind the ears: Often a tell-tale sign of age (we call this the “Chandlear Treatment”). 
  • Hands: Reduce pigmentation and plump thinning or dehydrated skin. 
  • Knees: Give your legs a make-over by rejuvenating sagging knees. 
  • Feet: Keep your feet looking their best. 

And anywhere else you feel needs a boost of rejuvenating collagen.


Start Microneedling

Glide the scalloped rim of the Needle Cartridge using an even pressure over the skin to ensure constant needle contact and distribution of the Meso-Glide. Use stripe-line motions, lifting the needles between each stripe to avoid unnecessary reinsertions. 

Complete 4 motions:  

  1. Up and down  
  2. Side to side  
  3. Diagonal direction 
  4. Opposite diagonal direction 

Think of the Union Jack flag as your guide.  

Repeat these 3–5 times before moving to another region. You can adjust speed and depth as you go.  

Apply more Meso-Glide as you go.  

Complete Correct Aftercare

Complete Correct Aftercare 

You may experience inflammation and sensitivity following the treatment. Dp Dermaceuticals HYLA ACTIVE™ 3D SCULPTURED MASKS help calm and soothe the skin. Apply for 10–30 minutes, followed by Dp Dermaceuticals VITAMIN RICH REPAIR™.  

As a final step, apply Dp Dermaceuticals COVER RECOVER™ to cover any redness, protect from UV rays, and further soothe the skin. 


Want Even Better Results? 

We recommend a Dp Dermaceuticals L.E.D.™ red and near-infrared light mask immediately after microneedling (add before you apply COVER RECOVER) and in between sessions.  

LED light therapy is proven to reduce inflammation, assist with skin healing and increase the absorption of your skincare products.   

You’ll get even more benefits when you pair LED with a Dp Dermaceuticals LUMAFUSE HYDROGEL mask. The light helps the actives reach deeper into the skin. And the mask’s jelly-like material helps the light penetrate deeper too. Enjoy smooth, radiant skin even faster.  


Important Information

Watch the contraindication video to see when you should NOT use Dermapen HOME. 

You can come back here to visit your quick guide and user manual at any time. 


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