dermapen treatment protocols
Dermapen Treatment Protocols

DermapenWorld Clinical Protocols

Establish your reputation as a leader in the microneedling field with our proven Protocols. Following our step-by-step clinical guidelines during a Dermapen Treatment™ offers your patients unmatched results.

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Ignore at Your Own Risk

Needling at the wrong depth, missing Dermapen Treatment steps, or infusing inferior products and serums can all have disastrous consequences. At best, you risk it taking much longer to perform a procedure and not seeing much improvement.

At worst, you’re putting your patients at risk of adverse and unnecessary reactions, such as prolonged redness, sensitivity, granulomas, and unwanted skin irritations.


Get Optimal Results for Your Patients

Your patients come to you looking for the very best results for their skin. Feel confident by following tried and tested DermapenWorld™ Protocols developed in collaboration with leading industry experts – including renowned dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

Our Protocols have resulted in millions of successful Dermapen Treatment outcomes and unsurpassed patient satisfaction. And we want to share them with you.


Skin Solutions

Over the past decade, we’ve continued to refine and develop DermapenWorld Protocols to provide the best visible outcomes for the following skin concerns.

How Dermapen Treatments Work

There are 5 key stages to a Dermapen Treatment, all of which are essential to achieving glowing, radiant skin for your patients.

Find out the exact combinations of Dp Dermaceuticals™ products to prepare your patient’s skin for microneedling, setting them up for success.

DermapenWorld Protocols support you during a procedure. Discover how many procedures are required and at what interval. Get Meso-Glide™ and depth recommendations. Learn ideal techniques and so much more.

Boost your patients’ results – and your revenue – by upgrading their treatment with a recommended add-on, such as an ÜBER chemical peel, sheet mask, or L.E.D. light therapy treatment.

The minutes following a microneedling procedure are crucial as the skin absorbs all the benefits of the active ingredients used in the products you apply. Bonus: your patients will love how their skin is instantly calmed and cooled.

A strict patient at-home skincare routine makes a huge difference to results. Set your patients up for success with Dp Dermaceuticals, Dermapen HOME™, and Dp Dermaceuticals L.E.D.™.

Everything You Need to Succeed

Our DermapenWorld Protocols are detailed documents that leave nothing to chance. You’ll receive:

  • Proof of the visible results you can achieve
  • A step-by-step pictorial overview of how to perform microneedling procedures
  • A detailed description of how the condition presents
  • Recommended Dermapen Treatment Meso-Glide
  • Guide for depth on different areas of the face
  • Description of desired visual endpoint
  • Easy-to-scan clinical Protocol overview
  • Procedural requirements, intervals and course (number of procedures)
  • Recommended products to use before, during, and after the procedure, and
  • so much more…
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The Synergy of Solutions Protocols

What makes the DermapenWorld line of products so unique in the market is the way that they all work synergistically. You don’t need to go to various suppliers and hope it’ll all work together. We’ve spent millions of dollars and a decade testing, and testing again, to find the right combinations of products and technology for outstanding results.

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