Fine Lines & Wrinkles Dermapen Treatment

Smooth Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Enjoy a life full of laughter, without the tell-tale lines. Dermapen Treatments™ trigger a natural boost in collagen and elastin to plump skin, helping you look younger and fresher.

Fine lines and wrinkles

A Natural Boost of Collagen

Our skin’s renewal process slows down as we age, and Dermapen Treatments are the safe, natural way to visibly rejuvenate your skin. Dermapen Treatments for wrinkles noticeably smooth away lines, but you don’t have to wait for them to appear to improve your skin. Prevention is always the best approach to ensure a vibrant youthful glow is yours for longer. Ideally, Dermapen Treatments commence before fine lines take hold.

For faster, long-lasting results, we recommend an ongoing daily routine of Dp Dermaceuticals™ products specifically designed to target the signs of ageing.

These same products (or the clinical variation of them, our MG-Collection™) will be used before, during, and after your clinical procedure to deliver nourishing and anti-ageing active ingredients deep into your skin.

Fine Line & Wrinkle Dermapen Treatments

Dermapen 4 is revolutionising the microneedling industry by offering a virtually pain-free procedure—there’s no longer any need for numbing cream—and the anti-ageing results are second to none.

The professional-grade Dermapen 4™ device effectively reverses the visible signs of ageing in two ways. Firstly the 16-needle cartridge creates up to 1,920 fractional micro-channels per second, triggering the body’s natural wound healing response to activate more collagen and elastin.

Secondly, your clinician will use a specially formulated Dp Dermaceuticals Meso-Glide™ (a concern-targeted serum that helps the device move effortlessly over the skin) to deeply infuse potent anti-ageing actives.

We support our providers with proven DermapenWorld Protocols to get you the best results. They’ll advise you how many treatments are required and at what interval. You’ll also be offered recommended Dp Dermaceuticals skincare products to nourish and plump your skin.

Who wouldn’t want those pesky wrinkles gone faster? Using the Dermapen HOME and our Dp Dermaceuticals L.E.D.™ masks between your clinic visits speeds up the skin rejuvenation process, as does maintaining a regular daily routine using Dp Dermaceuticals.

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Fine Lines & Wrinkle Before and Afters

Want smoother, younger-looking skin? With over 3 million Dermapen Treatments worldwide, you can see for yourself that it works.

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