Rosacea Dermapen Treatment

Calm and Clear Your Rosacea

Rosacea flare-ups often start at your nose and butterfly out to your cheeks and even forehead or chin. Rosacea Dermapen Treatments™ can minimise the appearance of common symptoms and help you achieve a more even complexion.

Calm Redness – Feel Confident

There are 3 main types of rosacea that vary in symptoms from red erythema to papules and pustules and even a thickening of the skin.

While there’s no known cure for rosacea, Dermapen Treatments can successfully minimise the appearance of common symptoms by normalising the creation of blood vessels (known as angiogenesis) and releasing regulatory growth factors.

Dermapen Treatments also increase the integrity of the 2 layers of your skin (dermis and epidermis) to increase density and resiliency. Redness becomes visibly reduced and the complexion feels more balanced and less reactive.

Rosacea Dermapen Treatments

Your first stop is a clinical consultation, where your practitioner will determine how many procedures and at what intervals you require to reduce your rosacea symptoms. The Dermapen 4™ device creates flawless, virtually pain-free, micro-channels which activate the skin’s self-rejuvenation function. As your skin heals, it promotes the production of collagen to re-densify and fortify the tissue. Capillaries are strengthened and their networks more regulated for a visibly clearer and rejuvenated effect, with the appearance of redness rapidly decreasing.

Your Authorised Treatment Provider follows our clinically proven Protocols to get you the best results for your rosacea. They will know exactly which Dp Dermaceuticals™ product to use as a Meso-Glide™, infusing safe yet potent and targeted active ingredients deeper into your skin for outstanding results.

The Dermapen HOME™ device is recommended to enhance your professional results and help reduce the appearance of rosacea faster. You can use it to safely microneedle at home together with the Dp Dermaceuticals products recommended by your Authorised Treatment Provider. Supporting your skin with a tailored twice-daily Dp Dermaceuticals skincare routine and regular use of Dp Dermaceuticals L.E.D. will help free you from the blush of rosacea faster.

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Rosacea Before and Afters

Want to calm the redness of your rosacea? With over 3 million Dermapen Treatments worldwide, you can see for yourself that it works.

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