CBD Uber Calm Balm

CBD ÜBER CALM BALM is the ultimate all purpose SOS Balm, this silky smooth balm is extremely nurturing and antioxidant rich.

This is a blend of three organic oils - almond, olive and jojoba, with hempderived CBD Isolate. The CBD Isolate is encapsulated within our proprietary calphasomes to enhance skin delivery. This balm provides rapid and safe relief to common ailments such as aches and pains, all the while hydrating the skin and easing tension.

What does ÜBER mean?

  • ‘above all’; ‘all in one solution’; ‘next evolution’

  • ‘future generation’

  • Origin German Übermensch

Ideal for

Extremely Dry, Sensitive, Cracked

Performance ingredients

HylaFuse and CalphasomesTM CBD, Aloe Vera Juice, Vitamin E, Raspberry Extract, Shea Butter

Key Benefits

  • Oil rich balm soothes and rehydrates dry and inflamed skin

  • CBD elements provide relief to minor aches and ailments

  • Aids in faster recovery

  • Sense of calm, relaxation and overall wellbeing

  • Non-sticky, non-toxic and non-psychoactive

Contact us for more information

Contact us for more information