CBD Visssage

CBD VISSSAGE is a blue light defence moisturiser which has been specifically designed for modern needs. It protects the skin against damage that is insidiously caused by chronic exposure to blue light emitted from smartphones, computers, fluorescent lighting and television monitors. It contains certain key Ingredients such as jasmine flower extract, rose extract, apricot extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract. It is further enhanced by Calphasomes which enhance the delivery of the encapsulated CBD, wagandys and lumicease.

Wagandys is a form of natural therapy that forms a crucial component of traditional Indian medicine (also known as Ayurveda). It is famed for its restorative effects and skin barrier reinforcement. Lumicease is DP Dermaceuticals’ own blend of Ingredients which confer blue light protection.

The CBD that is used In CBD VISSSAGE is 99% pure hemp-derived CBD isolate that is completely free of THC. In other words, It is not psychoactive at all. Conversely, It produces a sense of calmness, self-assuredness and overall wellbeing.

Ideal for

Normal/ All skin, Aged/ Rhytids, Dry, Sensitive

Performance ingredients

HylaFuse and Calphasomes™ CBD, Aloe Vera Juice, Vitamin E, Raspberry Extract, Shea Butter, Green Tea Extract & Rosemary.

Key Benefits

  • Improves hydration

  • Visibly firms, plumps and assists with fine lines and wrinkles

  • Protects the skin against chronic blue light damage

  • Ameliorates signs of blue light damage

Contact us for more information

Contact us for more information