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Discover Dermapen™ Micro-Needling Products & Treatments

When the Dermapen™ was first introduced, it started a revolution in the aesthetic industry. Treatments that could deliver comparable results either came at a very high price to both the practitioner and the patient, or had multiple limitations and undesirable side effects. The Dermapen™ became an alternative that not only delivered superior results, but was cost-effective as well. Today, the Dermapen™ micro-needling device is the heart and head of our continually growing Dermapen™ Family.

However, while the Dermapen™ may be the best known member of the Dermapen™ Family, it is not the only one. We are continually looking to improve and innovate our brand, always trying to come up with new and exciting products to add to our line-up.

Other than our three types of micro-needling devices, the Dermapen™ Family is proud to have the Dermapen Cryo™ in its ranks, as well as our own line of skin care, DP Dermaceuticals™, specifically formulated to work in conjunction with Dermapen™ micro-needling treatments. Furthermore, many projects are in the works aimed at bringing out new and innovative products in the near future.

Whether you are considering getting a treatment, or contemplating adding a new device to your clinic’s repertoire, remember one thing : one pen revolutionized fractional rejuvenation; imagine what the entire Dermapen™ Family could do!