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All the tools you need to work your cleanser into your skin. This lush, eco-friendly cleansing set comes with Konjac sponge, reusable bamboo cotton cleansing pads and washbag. Introduce this luxurious, eco-friendly approach to your daily skincare routine.

  • Reusable cleansing pads
  • Organic bamboo cotton
  • Luxurious & eco-friendly

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Add a touch of luxury to your cleansing ritual with skin cleansing accessories inclu Dp Dermaceuticals™ ECO LUX CLEANSING SET.

Packaged within a recyclable, cylindrical box, you’ll discover a natural Konjac sponge and 12 incredibly soft cleansing pads, made from 100% organic bamboo cotton. Removing makeup and erasing build-up of impurities has never been such a pleasure. All items in the set are perfect to use with our Dp Dermaceuticals cleansers. Also, the organic bamboo cotton pads are the best option to remove our clay masks, such as Dp Dermaceuticals CLR CLARIFYING MASK and RADIANT-C MASK.

But what makes this lavish cleansing set even more special is that it’s kind to the environment. The eco-friendly pads are reusable and can be handwashed or machine washed in the washbag provided. When the time comes to say goodbye, they’re biodegradable—a sustainable approach to cleansing.

Key Benefits

  • Luxurious cleansing set is a pampering way to remove makeup and leave skin feeling clean & fresh.
  • Reusable cleansing pads means you can say goodbye to single use, disposable pads.
  • Eco-friendly & biodegradable.
  • Beautifully packaged & perfect for gifting.

Included in the Kit

12 x 100% organic bamboo cotton pads
1 x raw Konjac sponge
1 x laundry washbag

How to Use

Washing skin or removing makeup:

  1. Apply TRI PHASE CLEANSER™ or CLR FOAM CLEANSER™ to slightly dampened Konjac sponge and work into skin using circular motions.
  2. Use lukewarm water to dampen bamboo cotton cleansing pads and gently remove makeup & impurities. Repeat until all traces removed from skin.
  3. Pat dry and follow with a Dp Dermaceuticals corrector or moisturiser.
  4. Thoroughly rinse Konjac sponge and hang to dry. Using laundry bag provided, wash sponge weekly with used cotton cleansing pads.

Removing clay masks:

  1. After applying RADIANT-C MASK or CLR CLARIFYING MASK and allowing to dry, use lukewarm water to dampen bamboo cotton cleansing pads and gently remove clay mask from skin. Repeat until all traces removed from skin.
  2. Pat dry and follow with a Dp Dermaceuticals corrector or moisturiser.


It couldn’t be easier. Using the laundry bag provided, you can machine wash the sponge with used cotton cleansing pads or handwash. In between washes, always rinse the Konjac sponge thoroughly after use and wash weekly.

The sponge is raw Konjac which is gentle enough to use on baby skin. The cleansing pads are made from 100% organic bamboo cotton, making them super soft on the face.

We recommend you cleanse your face with Dp Dermaceuticals TRI PHASE CLEANSER™ or CLR FOAM CLEANSER. Once you finish cleansing, apply your favourite Dp Dermaceuticals corrector and moisturiser.

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