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Order any shade of COVER RECOVER and we’ll give you a FREE tube in Clear to try. Perfect for those days you want to look fresh-faced but still protect, nourish, and soothe your skin.

  • SPF 30/PA+++
  • Your favourite COVER RECOVER shade

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    Enjoy cooling, breathable SPF protection and anti-ageing benefits, without the cover.


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COVER RECOVER™ is a game-changer. The medicating actives in the foundation help with the recovery of your skin following a rejuvenation procedure like microneedling while covering up any blemishes, redness or irritation.

The long-lasting natural coverage and effective camouflage formula comes in 11 versatile shades, making it a must-have for your daily beauty routine. The clear version can be applied as an all-over daily sunscreen.

Packed full of powerful anti-ageing vitamins, botanicals, peptides, probiotics and hyaluronic acid, it also helps with hydrating and accelerating the rejuvenation of skin post-treatment.

Key Benefits

  • Covers and soothes at the same time
  • Assists with reducing post-operative inflammation and redness for less downtime
  • Helps to nourish, hydrate and cool treated skin
  • Provides a protective and essential barrier to free radicals for compromised, newly treated skin
  • Softens the appearance of fine and deep lines
  • Includes ingredients that encourage intensive regeneration and skin restoration
  • Veils skin instead of ‘coating’ skin
  • Provides flawless coverage without clogging pores
  • Water-resistant broad-spectrum, non-chemical SPF 30 and PA+++ for high UVA and UVB protection

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Each set will include a 20ml tube of COVER RECOVER SPF in both Clear and your preferred colour. So 2 tubes in total. Simply select the shade that best suits you.

Almost everything! COVER RECOVER is our most versatile product that should be used as the final step of any skincare routine. It’s a non-negotiable immediately following a microneedling procedure due to its incredible restorative, protective, and cooling effects.

This remarkable, clinically formulated SPF and skincare hybrid offers everyday breathable, anti-ageing SPF 30/PA+++ protection. But it also delivers moisture protection and instantly cools skin affected by inflammation, redness, discomfort and heat, to significantly reduce downtime after skin rejuvenation procedures.

COVER RECOVER SPF is suitable for all skin types and skin conditions, including aged, pigmented, dehydrated, problematic, and post-operative.

HylaFuse contains 3 molecular sizes of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), the smallest of which can penetrate the deepest layers of the skin. HylaFuse is clinically proven to be absorbed 150% more effectively than other forms of HA. Dp Dermaceuticals products containing HylaFuse Complex continue delivering water and active ingredients up to 8 hours after application.

Yes, we want you to feel completely confident at every step of your skin journey with us.

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