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Learn all about the latest skin rejuvenation procedure taking the aesthetic industry by storm with the DermapenWorld™ Microneedling Online Training. Our in-depth instructional course reveals not only how to treat a wide range of skin conditions, but why microneedling is so effective.

Note: Email addresses can’t be shared between students. To enroll in this course you need to register with an email that hasn’t been used before in our training platform.

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We’ve compacted all our years of research, testing, and innovating into 6 modules so you walk away with a thorough understanding of microneedling and what it means to safely and effectively perform microneedling procedures.

We’ll walk you through:

  1. The Dermapen Range
  2. Skin and Microneedling – the Basics
  3. Microneedling Treatment Indications & Contraindications
  4. Anaesthetic Safety and Topical Applications
  5. Dermapen Treatment Procedure
  6. Treatment Recovery & Post-Operative Care

Once you have completed and passed all 6 modules, you’ll receive a personalised course certificate from the innovators of the original Dermapen.

Note: Email addresses can’t be shared between students. To enroll in this course you need to register with an email that hasn’t been used before in our training platform.

This is a DermapenWorld-endorsed course, but we cannot confirm or categorically state from country to country if a particular course is recognised by local authorities. The equipment is not included in the course.


This online training is for anyone interested to learn about microneedling techniques. The online course provides you with a course certificate from the manufacturers of the original Dermapen. While it’s a DermapenWorld Endorsed course, we cannot confirm or categorically state from country to country if local authorities recognise a particular course. The training does not include any equipment.


There are several other training options provided through our distributors, by global medical trainer Dr Andrew Christie, as well as online. These options are for our Authorised Treatment Providers, only available to clinics, surgeons, and aestheticians.

We have distributors all around the world who look directly after our registered clinics and professionals. Learn more about becoming a DermapenWorld Authorised Treatment Provider.

Many of the answers to the questions in the certification exam are found here on our website. Don’t worry if you don’t pass the course the first time, as you do get a second (and third!) chance to pass. After completing each section, you’ll be able to see extended explanations for each answer to help you further understand the concepts covered.

We highly recommend going over the solutions even if you ace the entire test. You will almost certainly learn something new!

There are ten days allotted to complete the course in its entirety. There are six modules to the course and each module allows 35 to 45 minutes to complete. For most people, completing the examination does not require more than a few hours, although this will depend on prior knowledge and preparedness level. Please keep in mind, if you step away in the middle of a section, the time keeps running! If the course times out due to inactivity, you will have to do that section over.

You can certify as many practitioners as you see fit, but only one practitioner can be certified with the purchase of one Training Course. Each practitioner will then complete the course on their own, and each one will receive their own Certificate of Completion. At this time, if you wish to train additional practitioners, please contact

The Online Training Course costs $195US per practitioner, and currently has no expiration date. If you have already completed the Dermapen Online Training Course once, you do not need to complete it again. However, there may be NEW training modules in the future, which will come at an additional fee.

Each practitioner is required to complete the training course themselves in order to receive a certificate. 

The first question to ask is, does your new clinic have a Genuine Dermapen™?
If not, the certificate cannot be used, as it would falsely imply that Dermapen™ Treatments are being performed there.

If your new clinic does have a Genuine Dermapen™ and you can provide proof that you purchased your original training course with your own funds (as opposed to your previous employer’s), we can provide you with a new certificate. This will incur a $20US administrative fee. If the original certification was purchased by your previous employer, it unfortunately cannot be transferred, and you will have to re-certify.

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