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Attach the silicone facial cleansing brush to any standard Dp Dermaceuticals 150ml cleansing tubes to upgrade your daily skincare routine. The rapid vibration works with your choice of cleanser to unclog pores and buff away dryness. By accelerating skin cell turnover, a more luminous complexion is revealed.

  • Enhances Cleansing Experience
  • Smooths & Brightens
  • Acoustic-Sonic Massage Movements

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Made from medical-grade silicone, the OSCISONIC CLEANSER HEAD uses an oscillating sonic vibration to reveal cleaner, more radiant-looking skin.

The silicone facial cleansing brush head attaches to your standard 150ml Dp Dermaceuticals™ cleanser tube, including TRI-PHASE CLEANSER™, CLR FOAM CLEANSER™, and MICRO DERM EXFOLIANT™. The ISO Geometric design placement of the silicone exfoliating plates within the head gently unplugs the pores and buffs away dryness. Your complexion is visibly smoother, brighter, and healthier-looking.

Key Benefits

  • Unclogs pores
  • Accelerates skin cell turnover
  • Buffs away dryness
  • The silicone facial cleansing brush easily attaches to standard 150ml tubes of Dp Dermaceuticals cleansers
  • 16,000 acoustic-sonic massage movements per minute

How to Use

Daily Skin Care Routine

Use twice a day during your at-home skincare routine to get a deeper cleanse.

  1. Screw on OSCISONIC CLEANSER HEAD to any Dp Dermaceuticals 150ml cleansing tube.
  2. Rotate to ‘ON’ to open.
  3. Squeeze out a small amount of cleanser by gently squeezing the tube.
  4. Wet skin and press ‘ON’ button to start and gently move the OSCISONIC CLEANSER HEAD in circular motions across the face, neck and décoletté. Double cleanse if necessary.
  5. Press ‘ON/OFF’ button. Rinse clean and replace the cap. Store upright.
  6. Rinse skin. Follow with recommended Dp Dermaceuticals skincare routine.

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Our silicone facial cleansing brush is designed for use with any standard 150ml Dp Dermaceuticals cleanser tubes, including TRI-PHASE CLEANSER, CLR FOAM CLEANSER, and MICRO DERM EXFOLIANT.

The OSCISONIC CLEANSER HEAD is an upgrade for any of our cleansers, making it the perfect addition for all skin types depending on which cleanser is best for you. See individual product descriptions to find out more.

Rinse thoroughly immediately after use. You may use liquid soap or TRI-PHASE CLEANSER, but don’t use aggressive or high-acid cleansers that may affect the silicone head. Do not soak in water. Dry device well, always replace the lid and store upright in a cool place.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. englishsparkler

    I tried a few of these oscillating heads over the years and never really noticed the difference, and they all got thrown away. Not this one!!! There’s something about the way it vibrates you can really feel the difference! Nice face massage too.

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