Dp Dermaceuticals™ Signature Skin Treatment

More than Microneedling

DermapenWorld offers forward-thinking clinics a wide range of solutions to give patients the glowing complexion they’re looking for—faster.

Our Step-by-Step Signature Skin Treatments

Attract more repeat customers between microneedling sessions with Signature Skin Treatments, featuring: 

  • Deep cleansing & exfoliation 
  • Professional-strength clay masks 
  • ÜBER PRO™ Peels 
  • 3D sculptured masks 
  • Dp Dermaceuticals™ L.E.D. therapy 
  • Highest-quality skincare


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Wider range of skin solutions
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Achieve even better results
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Give patients glowing complexion
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Higher revenue per customer
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Targets skin concerns
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Relaxing skin rejuvenation

The best for your patients

The Next Evolution in Chemical Peeling

Chemical peels can be complicated and have a short shelf life leading to waste and eating into your profit margins. ÜBER PEELS are the next evolution in chemical peels. As an all-in-one solution, they offer fantastic benefits to your patient and practice.

Learn more about ÜBER Peels
LED Light Therapy

Our L.E.D. range gets you amazing results on its own. However, you’ll see even more improvement when used together with our other products.
Are you already using LED Light Therapy? Elevate your patients’ experience and results by adding in a LUMAFUSE HYDROGEL SHEET MASK™.

Learn more about LED Therapy

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